Editorial Board

  • Editorial Board of China Safety Science Journal

    Honorary director: 

    WANG Dexue(China),Former deputy secretary of the party leadership group and deputy director general of the state administration of work safety, and director of the state emergency rescue command center of work safety/ President of China occupational safety and health association(China).

    LU Chunfang(China)*,President of China railway society(China).


    FAN Weicheng(China)*,Director of state key laboratory of fire science/ director of hefei institute of public security, Tsinghua university(China).

    Deputy director : 

    ZHONG Qunpeng(China)*,Deputy director of materials and failure prevention institute, Beihang university(China).

    WANG Xuguang(China)*,Beijing general research institute of mining and metallurgy(China).

    WANG An(China)*,China Shenhua Shendong coal company(China).

    FENG Changgen(China)*,Beijing institute of technology(China).

    WU Qiang(China)*,China university of mining and technology (Beijing)(China).

    Committee member: 

    CAI Meifeng(China)*,Mineral engineering subject appraisal group of academic degrees committee of the State council(China)

    CAO Yaofeng(China)*,Science and technology committee of Sinopec(China)

    GAO jinji(China)*,Chinese society of vibration engineering(China)

    LI Gensheng(China)*,China university of petroleum (Beijing)(China)

    PENG Supin(China)*,China university of mining and technology(China)

    ZHANG Tiegang(China)*,China university of mining and technology (Beijing)(China)

    Aleksandar Jovanovic(Germany), EU-VRi: European risk & resilience institute(Germany). 

    Floris Goerlandt(Belgium), Dalhousie university(Canada). 

    Genseisk Reniers(Netherlands), Delft university of technology(Netherlands). 

    Wang Qingsheng(America), Texas A&M university(America). 

    Georgios Boustras(Cyprus), Editor-in-Chief of safety science(Cyprus). 

    (* for academician)

    The first Youth editorial Board of China Safety Science Journal 


    TONG Ruipeng(China),China university of mining and technology (Beijing)(China)

    Deputy director : 

    ZHU Wei(China), Beijing urban systems engineering research center(China).

    SHI Congling(China), Director of traffic safety research institute, China production safety research institute(China).

    WANG Zhirong(China), Nanjing Tech university(China) .

    WANG Qingsong(China), University of science and technology of China(China).

    LI Xiaodong(China), Tsinghua university(China).

    Committee member: 

    CHANG Zhipeng(China),Anhui university of technology(China).

    CHE Honglei(China), China research institute of production safety(China).

    CHEN Changkun(China),Central south university(China).

    DING Yanming(China),China university of geosciences (Wuhan)(China).

    DONG Longjun(China),Central south university(China).

    DUAN Lingqiang(China),University of science and technology of China(China).

    FU Ming(China), Hefei institute of public security, Tsinghua university(China).

    GU Yingkui(China),Jiangxi university of science and technology(China) .

    HAN Jun(China), Liaoning project technology university(China). 

    HOU Zhiqiang(China), Research institute of water transport, ministry of transport.

    HU Jinqiu(China), China university of petroleum (Beijing)(China).

    JIA Jinzhang(China),Liaoning project technology university(China). 

    JIANG Saihua(China),South China university of technology(China).

    KONG Depeng(China),China University of petroleum(China) .

    LI Bobo(China),Guizhou university(China).

    LI Jie(China),Liaoning project technology university(China).

    LI Yuntao(China), China university of petroleum (Beijing)(China).

    LI Zhonghui(China),China university of mining and technology(China).

    LIN Haifei(China),Xi'an university of science and technology(China) .

    LIU Dan (China),Emergency management research center, Wuhan university of technology(China).

    Et al.

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