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    Research on classification and gradation of offshore oil accidents in China
    CAO Yang
    China Safety Science Journal    2022, 32 (3): 18-24.   DOI: 10.16265/j.cnki.issn1003-3033.2022.03.003
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    In order to improve statistics and analysis of offshore oil accidents in China, firstly, relevant laws, regulations, standards and guidelines were analyzed to clarify definition of these accidents and specify their gradation and classification. Then, a comparative analysis was conducted on current regulations or practices regarding accident classification and gradation of the State Council, Ministry of Emergency Management, industries of different fields, three Barrel of Oil and international oil companies. Finally, scope and definition of offshore oil accidents were proposed, as well as the new gradation and classification, including their specification or applicable situation. The results show that based on the previous classification released by the Ministry of Emergency Management of People's Republic of China, accident classification can be expanded to eight types including thirty-nine sub-types in China. And on the basis of previous gradation by the State Council, accidents can be graded into six levels in China.
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    Research on discipline construction and content system of intelligent safety ergonomics
    DONG Longjun, WANG Jiachuang
    China Safety Science Journal    2022, 32 (3): 1-8.   DOI: 10.16265/j.cnki.issn1003-3033.2022.03.001
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    In order to further improve the disciple system of safety science, in view of the shortage of traditional safety ergonomics theory and method, studies were carried out on basic construction of intelligent safety ergonomics discipline theory and course content system. Firstly, according to development process of ergonomics, concept of intelligent safety ergonomics was put forward from a perspective of information technology, and its subject connotation and main attributes were analyzed. Secondly, the disciplinary basis, disciplinary tasks, disciplinary research objects, and research content were analyzed. Finally, considering the future challenges it faces, research tasks and application prospects were discussed. By analyzing several basic problems of the disciplines, it can be concluded that intelligent safety ergonomics is more effective than traditional safety ergonomics.
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    Mission and path of emergency management discipline construction from a perspective of knowledge production
    TAN Shuang, XU Mingxin, WANG Zewei
    China Safety Science Journal    2022, 32 (2): 1-9.   DOI: 10.16265/j.cnki.issn1003-3033.2022.02.001
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    In order to clarify construction mechanism of emergency management discipline and promote sound development of the discipline, its construction difficulties and missions were analyzed by reviewing the development history, and corresponding construction path was put forward. The research shows that from the perspective of knowledge production mode transformation, the discipline's construction is faced with three dilemmas, including discrete knowledge producers, insufficient knowledge innovation and limited knowledge conversion, and has to complete three missions concerning emergency management knowledge, namely its direct reproduction aiming at talent cultivation, expanded reproduction for scientific research, and transformation reproduction oriented to social service. Moreover, the construction can be improved by strengthening top-level planning, optimizing training system of emergency management personnel, promoting collaborative innovation of related research, and improving its social service ability.
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    Portrait of China Safety Science Journal in past 30 years
    LI Jie, LIU Jiao, LIANG Xushu, QIAN Jinxin, HAO Limin
    China Safety Science Journal    2022, 32 (3): 9-17.   DOI: 10.16265/j.cnki.issn1003-3033.2022.03.002
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    In order to have an overall understanding of the development of CSSJ in the past 30 years, 8 894 papers were collected from the Chinese Citations Database (owned by CNKI), and the data was cleaned and processed by using Bibliographic Analysis Tool(BAT) software. Bibliometrics approach was adopted to analyze publish and download trends, overall impact distribution, major provincial regions, leading institutions and authors, hot topics and research methods, and highly cited papers of CSSJ. The results show that CSSJ has an increase trends in both outputs of publications and download frequencies since 1991. Distribution of impact factors, cited frequencies and h-index demonstrates the high influence of CSSJ in the safety area. Moreover, highly productive regions of safety science have been formed, represented by provincial regions such as Beijing, Jiangsu and Hunan etc., and representative high-yield institutions include Beijing Jiaotong University, Liaoning Technical University and Central South University. The number of authors also become larger and larger along with the development of CSSJ, and co-authored papers have become the major type. WU Chao, FU Gui and CHEN Guohua etc. have ranked among the most productive authors in the journal in the past 30 years. And during its development, it has formed six topic groups, including safety and emergency management, safety engineering simulation and experiment, safety and risk evaluation, traffic safety, safety behavior and culture as well as safety prediction. In the researchmethods aspect, numerical simulation, analytic hierarchy process, neural network and structural equation model are the widely used in CSSJ papers.
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    Scenario deduction and analysis for spillover risks of international sports events under influence of COVID-19
    FANG Danhui, XU Simin, XU Hongqian, XU Miao, HU Ziyao, ZHOU Min
    China Safety Science Journal    2022, 32 (4): 1-7.   DOI: 10.16265/j.cnki.issn1003-3033.2022.04.001
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    In order to improve risk prevention and control capabilities for international sports events under the background of COVID-19, case data of 23 international sports since the pandemic outbreak were collected, and an evolutionary network model with COVID-19 as risk source was established. Then, risk analysis on the model was carried out based on in-and-out degree, number of sub-net nodes, the shortest path and average path of complex network theory, key risk event nodes were identified, and preventive measures were put forward. Finally, critical chains were obtained by analyzing causal mechanism and types of risk chains, and countermeasures and suggestions for chain disconnection and disaster mitigation were put forward. The results show that severe epidemic situation and rising risk of virus transmission in host cities are the key nodes in evolutionary network, and cycle chain of political relations and public opinion is the most destructive one. Therefore, it is necessary to promote the development of a public opinion monitoring system and strengthen positive publicity of sports events.
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    Development process, current situation and future trend of safety soft science in China
    LUO Yun, PEI Jingjing , XU Ming, WANG Mengyao, XIA Xinyu
    China Safety Science Journal    2022, 32 (1): 1-11.   DOI: 10.16265/j.cnki.issn1003-3033.2022.01.001
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    In order to understand the development progress of safety soft science in China, its value and factor contribution rate are comprehensively discussed by taking the branch of soft science in the discipline system of GB/T 13745-2009 safety science technology(620) as the category. Then, it was summarized, commented and viewed from three aspects, namely history and process, evolution and current situation, trend and challenge, as well as in multiple dimensions and perspectives, such as discipline development, discipline system, discipline category, institutional and legal system, regulatory governance, research hot-spots and research frontiers. Finally, development trends and challenges of the safety soft science in theoretical innovation, intelligent safety, safety governance and high-quality development mode were analyzed and discussed. The results show that the whole society needs to strengthen the development of safety soft science which plays a great role in system safety. Research on safety management science, safety system science, safety culture, safety law and other disciplines is comparatively mature, while that on safety history, safety economics, safety ethics, and safety philosophy is not. Moreover, smart safety, smart emergency response, intrinsic safety, safety vulnerability, safety leadership, and the shared responsibility of the party and government will become research hot-spots in the future.
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    Bibliometric analysis of university teachers' occupational mental health based on CiteSpace
    ZHANG Hongying, SUN Ninghao, WANG Hui, TONG Ruipeng
    China Safety Science Journal    2022, 32 (2): 16-21.   DOI: 10.16265/j.cnki.issn1003-3033.2022.02.003
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    In order to study main research content and direction in the field of university teachers' occupational mental health in recent 10 years, with CNKI as database, papers published from 2011 to 2020 were obtained after two searches, and statistical analysis on the number of papers was done. Then, CiteSpace was used for visualization processing to obtain keyword co-occurrence map. The results show that related researches on university teachers' occupational mental health mainly focus on job burnout and occupational stress. The hot topics are causes and countermeasures, and key objects are PE teachers, young teachers, English teachers and female teachers. Through analysis on research content, it is found that both occupational stress and job burnout exert negative effects on the teachers' occupational mental health. Effective intervention can be taken from society, school and individuals to improve it, and then enhance teachers' mental health.
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    Review on affecting factors and intervention methods of drivers' hazard perception ability
    QIAO Jie, XU Xin, LIU Chuanpan, ZHAO Junwei, LIU Yongtao
    China Safety Science Journal    2022, 32 (2): 34-41.   DOI: 10.16265/j.cnki.issn1003-3033.2022.02.006
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    In order to investigate effects of external intervention on drivers' hazard perception ability. Firstly, description of hazard perception process by different theories were sorted out and perception behavior mechanism was analyzed. Secondly, influence of affecting factors on hazard perception was analyzed, including driving style, driving experience, traffic environment and driving state. Then, research results of five different intervention methods with their features were introduced. Finally, limitations of existing researches were analyzed from the aspects of duration of intervention effect, evaluation index and transfer effect, and future development direction was discussed. The results show that it is significant to build a database of typical traffic hazard scenes in China and design a standard perception test system as well as formulate relevant regulations so as to improve Chinese drivers' general hazard perception ability.
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    Exploration of practical teaching in major of safety engineering under background of first-class undergraduate specialty construction
    TAN Zhaoyang, FANG Jing, XUE Wei, WU Changcheng, BAI Wenshuai
    China Safety Science Journal    2022, 32 (2): 10-15.   DOI: 10.16265/j.cnki.issn1003-3033.2022.02.002
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    In order to explore a new practical teaching mode of safety engineering specialty under the background of first-class undergraduate specialty construction and to enhance innovative spirit and practical ability of the students, practical teaching data of this major in Hebei University of technology were analyzed. The problems it had in professional experiment, curriculum design and practice were pointed out and some reform measures were proposed and implemented, such as increasing proportion of comprehensive experiments, organizing curriculum design and planning, compiling teaching materials, adopting win-win mode between schools and enterprises to jointly build an internship base, and building a process control mode of "two practical operations and one visit". The results show that after reform of practical teaching, students' participation, enthusiasm and comprehensive innovation ability in various practical links have been significantly improved.
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    Psychological load of drivers in multi-lane interweaving areas of urban roads
    ZHANG Xueyu, PAN Cunshu, LIN Wei, XU Jin
    China Safety Science Journal    2022, 32 (3): 25-32.   DOI: 10.16265/j.cnki.issn1003-3033.2022.03.004
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    In order to clarify characteristics of drivers' deceleration behaviors when driving in multi-lane interweaving areas of urban roads and its correlation with their psychological load, field driving tests were carried out. Drivers' electrocardiograph signals and vehicle operating parameters were collected, and the relationship between characteristics of their heart rate change and deceleration behaviors was analyzed by dividing them into two types according to different lane changing states. The results show that in the interweaving areas, psychological load of drivers in non-interference states is significantly greater than that in interference states, but the latter features more frequent psychological fluctuations. Female drivers are more likely to have a greater psychological load than male ones when entering interweaving sections. In both interference and non-interference states, drivers' heart rate growth rate demonstrates high partial correlation with the maximum deceleration, that is, the latter has a greater impact on the former.
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    Research on and application of PDCS safety management mode
    LI Hao, HAO Junwei, LI Wenchang
    China Safety Science Journal    2022, 32 (2): 22-27.   DOI: 10.16265/j.cnki.issn1003-3033.2022.02.004
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    In order to improve safety management level and hidden danger treatment ability of coal mines, firstly, a PDCS safety management mode was proposed, and then "8341 +" safety management system of Jizhong Energy Groups was established according to this theoretical mode. Secondly, big data and cloud computing technology were adopted to develop a cloud + edge information platform of safety management system, which realized information sharing and rapid processing as well as intelligent judgment and control. Finally, with practical application of Jizhong Energy Group as an example, effectiveness of the management model was verified and analyzed. The results show that PDCS mode can effectively quantify safety management in coal mines, timely reflect safety implementation, change, development trend and key issues, and provide digital support for decision making.
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    Prediction model for road transport accidents of hazardous chemicals based on Bayesian network
    LU Yi, WU Jiangle, SHAO Shuzhen, SHI Shiliang, ZHOU Rongyi, WANG Wei
    China Safety Science Journal    2022, 32 (3): 174-182.   DOI: 10.16265/j.cnki.issn1003-3033.2022.03.024
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    In order to accurately predict road transport accidents of hazardous chemicals, firstly, data of 1,727 such transport accidents in China from 2015 to 2020 were collected, and a Bayesian network (BN) was developed with accident influencing factors, accident types, accident emergency treatment time and the degree of casualties as main nodes. Then, a prediction model for the accidents was established in Netica, and its validity was verified according to the mean absolute error (MAE). Finally, through forward causal reasoning and reverse diagnostic reasoning, the posterior probability changes of each variable of target nodes were observed, and accident development trend and evolution process under set conditions were explored. The results show that the model can effectively predict accidents under set conditions. Through positive causal inference,it is concluded that the most likely form of accident at noon is the leakage accident caused by rear-end collision or tank leakage, while based on reverse diagnostic reasoning, it is found that carrying capacity <30 t is a significant condition for flammable liquid leakage accidents to be successfully disposed of within 0 to 3 hours.
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    Simulation of pedestrian flow at bottleneck of stairs considering group behavior
    CAO Shuchao, XI Xin, NI Jingyu, YAO Ming
    China Safety Science Journal    2022, 32 (2): 28-33.   DOI: 10.16265/j.cnki.issn1003-3033.2022.02.005
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    In order to investigate impacts of group behavior on pedestrian flow efficiency at the bottleneck of stairs, a movement model considering group behavior was established by using Anylogic platform based on movement data of field observation experiments in campus. Then, numerical simulation was conducted to study influence of the group's movement parameters, the stairs' geometric parameters and layout of barriers on passing time and density distribution of pedestrian flow. The results show that a large proportion of groups and group size prolong the passage time and increase duration of congestion. Chain configuration features the greatest traffic efficiency while side by side configuration has the most negative impact on passage process. Moreover, opposite impacts on passing efficiency are exerted when stair position changes for the cases with or without groups. Parallel placement of barriers can effectively reduce crowd density and improve passing efficiency of groups.
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    An early warning model of unsafe behaviors of construction workers based on BP neural network
    SHI Juan, CHANG Dingyi, ZHENG Peng
    China Safety Science Journal    2022, 32 (1): 27-33.   DOI: 10.16265/j.cnki.issn1003-3033.2022.01.004
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    In order to reduce unsafe behaviors of construction workers and improve safety management of corporations, methods of statistical analysis, literature analysis and qualitative interview were adopted to obtain influencing factors of unsafe behaviors. Then, an early warning index system was established from four aspects, namely organization, individual, environment and equipment. Based on BP neural network principle, with these indicators as network input, and four unsafe states were output, a warning questionnaire was designed, and the questionnaire data were repeatedly trained and learned. Finally, a three-layer BP neural network warning model of "23-9-4" was constructed, trained and tested. The results show that this model accurately predicts unsafe behavior states of workers, thereby enabling them to take prevention and control measures in advance.
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    Detailed explanations of 24Model and development of its 6th version
    FU Gui, CHEN Yiran, XU Surui, CHEN Ping, YUAN Chenhui, WU Yali
    China Safety Science Journal    2022, 32 (1): 12-19.   DOI: 10.16265/j.cnki.issn1003-3033.2022.01.002
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    In order to make 24Model achieve better application effect in tracing the cause of accident and formulating accident prevention countermeasures, the detailed scientific explanations of 24Model are critically important. By means of systematic literature review and comparative studies, the logical structure, causation modules and main features of 24Model were deeply examined. The research results show that: the primary theoretical foundations of 24Model are the series of Domino Theory proposed by HEINRICH and improved by BIRD etc., and the series of Swiss Cheese Model proposed by REASON and clarified by SHAPPELL & WIEGMANN, and another one is the Model of Managing for Outstanding Safety proposed by STEWART. The logical structure of the static form of 24Model is established by cause-effect relationship and falls into the sequential category of accident causation models. The specific meaning of the immediate, indirect, root, and radical accident causes in static 24Model can be found from the above three types of accident causation models, management system standards by ISO and the safety culture defined by the authors of this paper. The dynamic form of 24Model takes the process of behavioral conversion to establish its logical structure, and it fully expresses its systemic, dynamic, and non-linear features, and it forms a behavioral conversion system by linking organizational behaviors, namely influence behaviors, and individual behaviors, namely operative behaviors.
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    Pneumoconiosis risk assessment method based on cumulative dust exposure
    ZHANG Ge
    China Safety Science Journal    2022, 32 (2): 200-206.   DOI: 10.16265/j.cnki.issn1003-3033.2022.02.027
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    In order to reduce the risk of pneumoconiosis for workers with different dust exposure experiences, a risk assessment method was proposed. Firstly, dust types were identified, and dust exposure in workplace and cumulative dust exposure of workers were evaluated, and dose-response relationship between dust and pneumoconiosis risk were determined. Then, current pneumoconiosis risk, risk after a period of continued exposure to dust, increase of such risk, and its growth rate were assessed by using current values and increment values of cumulative prevalence as risk assessment indexes. Finally, with 15 coal miners as examples, pneumoconiosis risk assessment was carried out by utilizing the assessment method. The results show that the proposed method is intuitive and effective. And pneumoconiosis risk monotonously increases along with the cumulative dust exposure. The smaller the exposure is, the more obvious effect of dust prevention intervention measures will have in reducing relative risk.
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    Analysis on propagation model and intervention effects of unsafe behaviors of construction workers
    ZHANG Mingyuan, XU Qin
    China Safety Science Journal    2021, 31 (12): 1-9.   DOI: 10.16265/j.cnki.issn 1003-3033.2021.12.001
    Abstract79)      PDF (3340KB)(5)       Save
    In order to intervene unsafe behaviors of workers in construction sites more pertinently, with SIR(Susceptible-Infected-Recovered) as basic prototype, a propagation model (SIR-C) suitable for workers' unsafe behaviors was established to explore communication characteristics of these behaviors and intervention effects. Then, a questionnaire was designed, and impacts of safety education, punitive measures, key figures and inconvenience of work tasks on behavior spreading at each stage were analyzed, and different intervention situations were simulated. The results show that SIR-C model can objectively reflect spreading of unsafe behaviors. In the three stages of imitating, recovering, and forgetting of behavioral communication process, critical factors are key figures, safety education and inconvenience of work tasks. Different intervention effects will be achieved for different types of unsafe behaviors, and that for intentional unsafe behaviors are more obvious. For single stage intervention, that during the recovery phase are comparatively obvious, and moreover, combined intervention effect is better than that of single stage.
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    Joint analysis method for process deviation of HAZOP in chemical operation units
    GAO Ming
    China Safety Science Journal    2022, 32 (3): 98-102.   DOI: 10.16265/j.cnki.issn1003-3033.2022.03.013
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    In order to improve application effect of HAZOP in chemical operation units, based on the practical experience of its application in modern large chemical plants over the past 10 years, a joint analysis method was proposed. Firstly, behavioral factors of HAZOP participants were studied and process risk attention model was established. Then, its deviation funnel was put forward, possible deviation trends and risk factors of the whole system were identified by using mathematical model before they were manually confirmed and listed into key points of HAZOP. Finally, a HAZOP report was generated by synthesizing various professional resources, and then a method set featuring man-machine complementarity and layer by layer screening was formed. The results show that the joint analysis method can improve HAZOP sustainability as well as risk identification accuracy of chemical operation units, therefore upgrading safety performance of enterprises.
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    Risk assessment of regional violent terrorist attacks in southern Xinjiang
    HUANG Jie, ZHANG Xianfeng
    China Safety Science Journal    2022, 32 (2): 192-199.   DOI: 10.16265/j.cnki.issn1003-3033.2022.02.026
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    In order to examine high-risk areas of violent terrorist attacks and promote refined public security management, with southern Xinjiang, China as an example, gridded socio-economic data, remote sensing data, POI data, and other multi-source geospatial data were used to build a risk assessment indicator system of violent terrorist attacks from three aspects, namely occurrence probability of terrorists, preference of their target, and potential consequences of the attacks. Then, weights of geospatial indicators were determined according to AHP-Entropy method and cluster analysis method, and spatial distribution of attack risks on 30″ × 30″ (approximately 1 km×1 km) fine-granulated grids in southern Xinjiang was obtained. The results show that the high-risk grids of violent terrorist attacks in the area are mainly located in some cities and towns in Kashgar, Hotan and Aksu, which are consistent with distribution of historical attack events, therefore indicating the rationality and feasibility of proposed evaluation indicator model.
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    Determination and kinetics analysis of coal ignition point based on thermal explosion method
    CHEN Xiaokun, WANG Chenxi, ZHAI Xiaowei
    China Safety Science Journal    2022, 32 (2): 59-65.   DOI: 10.16265/j.cnki.issn1003-3033.2022.02.009
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    In order to accurately decide ignition point of coal and improve prevention and control ability of spontaneous combustion disasters, according to TET and with consideration to heat release curve of spontaneous combustion process, the first minimum point on differential heat flow curve in the process was taken as ignition point, and dynamic parameters during heat release before and after ignition were calculated. The results show that along with increase in heating rate, exothermic process of coal spontaneous combustion gradually moves to high temperature regions, and ignition point also increases gradually, while activation energy of reaction decreases in the same manner. At the same heating rate, activation energy of coal increases after ignition, with the level of coal oxygen reaction being decreased to 1 after ignition point from 1.5 before it. It is also found that oxygen combustion of coal after ignition is more sufficient, and spontaneous combustion is more difficult to control.
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