Column Introduction

  • Column name of China Safety Science Journal

    1. Safety science theory and safety system science (including safety science, safety personnel training, safety science principle, safety system model, safety system management, emergency science theory, etc.); 

    2. Safety social science and safety management (including safety behavior, economy, culture, regulations, psychology, human factors, risk management, public opinion management, etc.); 

    3. Safety engineering technology (including the application of safety and digitalization, intelligence, Internet of things, big data, cloud computing and other emerging technologies in mining, petroleum, chemical/hazardous chemicals, construction, transportation, civil explosion, machinery, special equipment and other key industries); 

    4. Public safety (including urban fire protection, risk aversion, evacuation, urban pipe network, urban road transportation, urban rail transit, urban risk assessment, community safety, urban underground space, etc.); 

    5. Disaster prevention and mitigation technology and engineering (including geological, meteorological, flood and other natural disasters, prevention engineering); 

    6. Emergency technology and management (including emergency plan, emergency command, emergency decision-making, emergency resources, emergency technology, emergency equipment, etc.); 

    7. Occupational health (also known as occupational health, including dust and toxic and physical factors (noise, vibration, high and low temperature, high humidity) and other occupational hazards, occupational hazard risk assessment, occupational diseases, occupational epidemics, occupational hazard protection, engineering management and personal protection, ergonomics, occupational health psychology, etc.).

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