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      Papers shall be written in accordance with Presentation of Scientific and Technical Reports,Dissertations and Scientific Papers GB7713-1987 with clear arguments, concise words, and reliable data. Research papers should be innovative and substantial in content, and its literature review be forward-looking and instructive, to reflect the development trend of related discipline in recent years. It is recommended that all papers have less than 8000 words (including the space occupied by the chart, i.e., page 6-7), and the title’s English translation, the author’s name in pinyin, and English translation of the author's organization shall all be stated. At the same time, 5 to 8 key words in Both Chinese and English, around 300 words Chinese abstract, 250 words in English and over 10 citations shall be added. The abstract shall be written in the third person, which should make an independent short essay containing the same amount of main information as the paper. Generally, it should include four elements: purpose, method, result, and conclusion. 

      The characters and formulas in the text should be clearly marked in the document type (numbers, Greek, English, Roman characters), capital and small letter, superscript and superscript letters, and those letters representing vectors and matrices should be specially marked with black italic. The words, variables, units, and numbers in the chart also need to be noted, and charts and photos should give explanations or brief descriptions in Chinese and English with notes of physical quantities and units. The submitted manuscript must contain high-quality photos and graphs ( Origin is recommended, and then copy the picture to the document). 

      It is encouraged to select references from papers published in recent years, mark them in the main text, and then make a list in the order of citation. And they should be stated at the end of the paper according to Descriptive Rules for Bibliographic References GB/7714-2005. 

      Multiple submissions of one manuscript (including separate submissions in different languages) and plagiarism are strictly prohibited. Otherwise, the author’s manuscript will be rejected, and his or her organization will be notified to deal with it seriously and the case will also be exposed to other journals from the field of safety. Our journal will refuse to publish all submissions with this author as the main author. 

     The specific scope of submission for our journal is as below: 

      1. Safety science theory and safety system science 

      2. Safety social science and safety management 

      3. Safety engineering technology 

      4. Public safety 

      5. Technology and engineering of disaster prevention and mitigation 

      6. Emergency technology and management 

      7. Occupational health 

      Please upload an electronic manuscript (Word document) and a PDF file with author information concealed. Things that should be put in the manuscript (word version) include the author’s (or contact’s) name, gender, age, position, title, degree, and organization name in detail (for those from schools, secondary unit shall be indicated), mailing address, postal code, contact number (mobile phone and landline), e-mail and others. The author must be a member who is directly involved in the research work or has an important guiding role (like tutors of graduates), and those who have assisted in the experiment can be included in the acknowledgment. The number of authors should be less than 6, and it is strictly forbidden to list people who have nothing to do with the research. If the paper is any fund project at or above the provincial or ministerial level, please indicate the fund number. 

      The authors will get review results generally within 2 to 3 months. There are some manuscripts that may take a longer time to be submitted for review, so if you haven’t received any news after more than 3 months, you can contact the editorial department and submit it for other journals. For those that need to be revised and supplemented, the revised manuscript shall be returned to the editorial department within less than 4 months. In case of any difficulty, the author can explain it to the department, but if it is not returned for half a year, that will be taken as automatic withdrawal. 

      All submissions are required to ensure the independence of its copyright, no plagiarism nor dispute about the order of signatures, as well as sole responsibility, and multiple submissions are not allowed. Once the manuscript is published, the remuneration will be paid together with 2 copies of the current periodical as a gift. For manuscripts that are not accepted by us, we will not return it, so it is suggested that the authors keep their own copies. Our journal is also the source journal of the Chinese Science Citation Database and the Comprehensive Evaluation Database of Chinese Academic Journals, the journal of China Academic Journals (CD-ROM version), listed one of China Journals Network (CNKI), the first batch of selected journals of Abstracts of Chinese Academic Journals. By submitting a manuscript, you agree to have your paper being included by the above institutions for full text or abstract search. Once the paper is published, its copyright will belong to the editorial department, including copyright on the Internet. Royalties for copyright and remuneration will be paid at once to the author. 

    Please find below the contact of Editorial Department: 

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    Address: Editorial Department of China Safety Science Journal, Room 202, KeYan Building, No. 17, HuiXin West Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing. 100029 

    Contact for consulting and publication: QIN Fanhua  Tel.: 010-64464783 

    Contact for edition and review: HAO Limin            Tel.: 010-64464782

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