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    28 February 2021, Volume 31 Issue 2
    Safety science theory and safety system science
    Research on modelling of safety system emergence and its key issues
    LIAO Xiuping, WU Chao, WANG Bing
    2021, 31(2):  1-8.  doi:10.16265/j.cnki.issn 1003-3033.2021.02.001
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    In order to promote development of basic theory of safety science, research on emergence of safety system was carried out based on system emergence thought implied in safety issues. Firstly, emergence thinking contained in safety theories was extracted through dialectical analysis, safety system emergence was defined and its conceptual model was established. Then, the concept was analyzed from multiple perspectives through dimensionality reduction analysis on complexity of security system. Thirdly, key issues and directions of safety system emergence research were proposed, followed by summary of their significance to safety system emergence research. Finally, safety system emergence was used to provide some explanation about coronavirus pandemic. The results show that system emergence is an important property of the complex safety system and it is an outcome of complex interrelation within system on the basis of its related concepts. Safety system emergence provides a brand new perspective to study safety issues and deserves deeper and comprehensive research.
    Safety social science and safety management
    Influence of safety value fit on safety behavior of miners: a chain mediating model
    MA Yue, LIU Yanping
    2021, 31(2):  9-15.  doi:10.16265/j.cnki.issn 1003-3033.2021.02.002
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    In order to explore influence mechanism of person-organization safety value fit on miners' safety behavior, a research hypothesis model was put forward through theoretical analysis and literature review. A questionnaire survey was conducted among 640 miners by means of convenient sampling method, and then, the model was analyzed and verified by structural equation modeling. The results show that there is a significant positive correlation between every two factors of person-organization safety value fit, safety self-efficacy, job involvement and safety behavior. Person-organization safety value fit can not only directly affect miners' safety behavior, but also indirectly influence them through impacting safety self-efficacy and job involvement, with the latter two factors playing a chain mediating role between them. Therefore, attention should not only be paid to person-organization safety value fit, but also to positive impacts of safety self-efficacy and job involvement.
    Network emotion propagation model of public health emergencies based on social combustion theory
    WANG Shengmin, SONG Yinghua, LIU Dan, CHEN Hongzhou, FANG Jun
    2021, 31(2):  16-23.  doi:10.16265/j.cnki.issn 1003-3033.2021.02.003
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    To effectively guide and control online public opinion under public health emergencies, online emotional transmission mechanism of public health emergencies was studied based on social combustion theory by considering social relevance and uncertainty of emotional state transfer between network groups. Firstly, based on social combustion theory, social influencing factors of network user groups were analyzed, and network emotion propagation model of unflaring - smouldering - burning - suppression - stabilization (UDBFS) and network emotion propagation model considering intervention measures were established. Then, take COVID-19 epidemic as an example, simulation and intervention tests were carried out, rationality of model and intervention measures were verifed, and impact of intensity of intervention measures on online emotional transmission was analysed. The results show that model is convenient to describe the spread of online emotions in COVID-19 epidemic, and intervention measures can effectively suppress the spread of bad online emotions, and reduce the number of users of combustion by 32.9%. At the same time, lowering the “social ignition temperature“can rapidly reduce the number of “combustion” users within a short time after outbreak of event.
    Safety engineering technology
    Governance of urban public safety in context of big data: block chain technology enablement
    SHI Juan, ZHENG Peng, CHANG Dingyi
    2021, 31(2):  24-32.  doi:10.16265/j.cnki.issn 1003-3033.2021.02.004
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    In order to make up for deficiencies of traditional urban public safety governance system and address problems of data isolation, data safety, lack of trust and insufficient public participation in governance process, from a combined perspective of big data and block chain, compatibility of the latter and urban public safety governance in subjects, concepts, technologies and goals was discussed after analyzing concept and basic characteristics of block chain. Then, governance procedure of urban public safety data based on block chain was put forward, and corresponding technical framework and system framework were designed. The results show that block chain and urban public safety governance are highly consistent, and a combination of big data and block chain can promote innovation of governance system and improve modernization of public governance.
    Research on grading and early warning of coal spontaneous combustion based on correlation analysis of index gas
    TAN Bo, SHAO Zhuangzhuang, GUO Yan, ZHAO Tong, ZHU Hongqing, LI Chuanxing
    2021, 31(2):  33-39.  doi:10.16265/j.cnki.issn 1003-3033.2021.02.005
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    In order to warn occurrence of coal spontaneous combustion accurately, relationship between index gas and temperature was obtained based on temperature-programmed test. Starting temperature V0 and carbon oxide ratio at characteristic temperature points V1, V2, and V3 were taked as warning limit, a 4-level early warning mechanism was set. Gray correlation analysis method was used to correlate CO gas volume fraction and carbon oxide ratio in the goaf and the upper corner, and 4-level early warning mechanism was refined according to level of correlation. At the same time, a typical case was selected and early warning process under early warning mechanism was shown in detail. The results show that correlation coefficient of the time series point (133) CO volume fraction is 0.481 2,correlation level is D level and correlation is poor, while correlation coefficient of carbon oxide ratio is 0.997 5, correlation level is a level and correlation is strong, comprehensive judgment is more relevant. Strong (Da), a blue level II early warning is issued.
    Study on accuracy of coal seam gas pressure measurement based on its spatial and temporal distribution characteristics
    WANG Liang, SUN Yimin, CHU Peng, ZHAO Wei, ZOU Shuangying
    2021, 31(2):  40-47.  doi:10.16265/j.cnki.issn 1003-3033.2021.02.006
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    In order to obtain reliable field measured results of coal seam gas pressure and realize scientific evaluation and precise prevention for coal seam outburst disasters, theoretical analysis, numerical simulation and field test were utilized to analyze spatial and temporal distribution of measure gas pressure based on gas flow model and gas pressure recovery curve with dual pore medium as object.Then engineering verification was carried out in No.10 coal seam in Taoyuan coalmine Ⅱ1 mining area.The results show that when matrix gas pressure and fracture gas pressure are in a dynamic balance, the measured results are the closest to real value. Accurate simulation of gas pressure spatial and temporal distribution could be realized by using gas flow equation of coal seam pressure measurement with COMSOL. When measured gas pressure recovery curve is consistent with simulated distribution regulation, and falls within engineering range of predictive values, it could be considered as real value. So the field measurement is accurate as it shows the recovery curve's consistency with simulated results.
    Study on parameter optimization for simulation system of rear side airbag
    QIAN Yubin, ZHU Lin, WANG Qingping, XIAO Lingyun, GAO Zhijun
    2021, 31(2):  48-54.  doi:10.16265/j.cnki.issn 1003-3033.2021.02.007
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    In order to improve chest and abdomen protection effect of rear occupants in side collision, based on original side collision system model of a domestic car brand, a simulation test model of RSAB was built, and it was compared and imported into experimental model through various parts tests. Then, protection performance of the airbag and air curtain to rear mannequin was analyzed, an orthogonal test was designed and optimal parameters of side airbag for thorax and abdomen protection were obtained by using range analysis. Finally, results before and after optimization were compared with actual vehicle test data, and effectiveness and feasibility of the optimization scheme was verified. The results show that from parameter optimization of frustrated hole diameter and position of chest airbags and ignition timing by selecting key parameters and using orthogonal experiment design and range analysis method, it is found that the optimal parameter combination is upper location, igniting time at 5 ms and a hole diameter of 25 mm, for which chest compression quantity can be reduced by 21.29% and 18.93% respectively.
    Safety monitoring system of tower crane based on internet of things
    ZHANG Wei, LIAO Yangxin, JIANG Ling, ZHAO Tingsheng
    2021, 31(2):  55-62.  doi:10.16265/j.cnki.issn 1003-3033.2021.02.008
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    In order to reduce probabilities of tower crane accidents, a safety monitoring system of tower crane was proposed based on internet of things in compliance with rapid development of information monitoring technology. Firstly, framework of the system was designed, and a related sensor layout scheme was put forward considering characteristics of tower crane structure. Then, monitoring indicators, warning threshold and levels were set according to national mandatory standards from two aspects, structural safety and installing and dismantling procedure safety. Finally, the system was verified through tests on a real housing construction project. The results show that monitoring of tower crane structural safety should cover structural stress, verticality and wind speed, while installation and dismantling should cover lifting height, speed and frame obliquity, so as to monitor structural and operation safety of tower cranes by utilizing functions of internet of things in data collection, transmission and processing.
    Airworthiness compliance verification technology of human factors in touch display system
    DONG Lei, LIU Jiachen, ZHAO Changxiao, DANG Xiangjun, SHI Chunlei
    2021, 31(2):  63-68.  doi:10.16265/j.cnki.issn 1003-3033.2021.02.009
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    In order to address inadaptability of traditional airworthiness compliance verification technology of human factors in design of advanced cockpit touch display system, firstly, technical characteristics of touch display system were described in detail. Then, key factors to be considered in airworthiness certification and methodical method of certification plan were determined according to relevant airworthiness clauses. Finally, requirements and implementation methods for compliance verification of human factors for touch display system were presented considering problems that may occur in verification. The results show that the proposed technology can realize compliance verification of touch display system from six aspects of requirements, including location, accessibility, function and reliability, within framework of compliance verification method.
    Significant research on influencing factors of dump stability
    ZHANG Meng, LIU Honglei, QIAO Wenguang, GAO Xun
    2021, 31(2):  69-75.  doi:10.16265/j.cnki.issn 1003-3033.2021.02.010
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    In order to improve stability of waste dump, takes an open-pit coal mine dump as an example, significant of influencing factors of dump stability based on orthogonal test and strength reduction method were studied. Induced factors of typical dump stability were determined through analysis of collected data and field survey, a true 3D geological model of dump was constructed, inversion verifies and analyzes geotechnical parameters and deformation characteristics of dump, and variation characteristics of stress and displacement inside slope and distribution range of plastic failure zone were obtained. Based on the most dangerous section in real 3D mesh model, an ideal model was built, orthogonal experimental simulation scheme was designed and numerical simulation was carried out, and variance analysis of simulation results was carried out to seek for significant influencing factors.The results show that the number of steps, height of steps, meteorology, hydrology and step angle have a significant influence on the stability of dump.Influence of step width on the stability of dump is significant.
    Study on temperature variation of coal sample in process of freezing coring
    WANG Qiao, WANG Zhaofeng, Ma Shujun, Zhang Kangjia
    2021, 31(2):  76-81.  doi:10.16265/j.cnki.issn 1003-3033.2021.02.011
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    In order to explore change characteristics of coal sample temperature during process of freezing coring, a test equipment was designed independently based on similarity of simulation tests. Temperature change was measured under equilibrium gas adsorption pressure of 0, 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 MPa respectively for samples of different metamorphism selected from Yujialiang Mine, Shoushan No.1 Mine, Liulong Mine and Jiulishan Mine. Then, real-time data of their temperature change during freezing coring was analyzed. The results show that the technology's freezing effect is positively correlated with coal metamorphism and gas adsorption equilibrium pressure. It has better freezing performance on coal with gas than non-gas coal, better on high metamorphic coal than on low metamorphic one. During freezing coring, change curve of coal sample temperature with time accords with exponential function.
    Experimental research on thermal damage of UAV in fire field
    LI Liang, LIU Xiaoyong, XU Jianqiang, LI Niansi, WANG Jingwu, XIAO Junfeng
    2021, 31(2):  82-88.  doi:10.16265/j.cnki.issn 1003-3033.2021.02.012
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    UAV has been gradually used in fire search and rescue, but at the same time, it can be damaged due to high temperature of fire. In order to improve efficiency of UAV in fire rescue, a dynamic test platform was designed, and flight test in fire site was carried out. Then, thermal damage of UAV in fire environment was analyzed, and change rule of fuselage temperature and safe distance of the vehicle were explored. The results show that heat radiation and convection are main forms of heat damage. Airflow field generated by rotors has a relatively obvious cooling effect on fuselage, cooling for 25.6 ℃at utmost under test condition. Reduction of relative distance between UAV and flame will increase thermal damage of fuselage which will be irreversible at 0.8 m, so this is the safe distance for UAV fire site flight under test condition.
    Public safety
    Identification method of bus exposure risk under public health emergencies: taking Shenzhen's fight against COVID-19 as an example
    JI Xiaofeng, WU Yaxin, MAO Runcai, ZHANG Qi
    2021, 31(2):  89-98.  doi:10.16265/j.cnki.issn 1003-3033.2021.02.013
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    In order to quantitatively assess bus exposure risk under public health emergencies, based on multi-source data of public traffic network, traffic analysis zones and COVID-19 epidemic information, three research scales of bus station, traffic analysis zones and epidemic sites were considered, and a multi-scale identification method of bus exposure risk was proposed by integrating network structure of public traffic topology model, network of public traffic central model and kernel density analysis. Then, verification analysis was conducted with Shenzhen as an example. The results show that spatial distribution pattern of bus station exposure risk presents a "multi-center-circle" structure, with high-exposure risk stations mostly being transportation hub, shopping mall and so on, accounting for 26.40%. Traffic analysis zones with high-exposure risk are mainly distributed in industrial, commercial and residential clusters, which makes up for 32.84%. Epidemic sites with high-exposure risk are mainly concentrated in urban core areas, accounting for 28.92%.
    Assessment of coal mine gas explosion risk based on grey-matter element model
    LU Jintao, REN Licheng, RONG Dan, GUO Xinyao
    2021, 31(2):  99-105.  doi:10.16265/j.cnki.issn 1003-3033.2021.02.014
    Asbtract ( 191 )   PDF (1536KB) ( 232 )  
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    In order to identify influence path among risk factors and come up with a scientific and feasible risk assessment method of gas explosion disaster, firstly, previous typical gas explosion cases were analyzed based on theory of three types of risk sources, and 14 influencing factors were identified and extracted. Secondly, a grey matter-element evaluation model was constructed through integrating grey system theory and matter-element extension model. Finally, with actual investigation data from coal mines in Shanxi province of China as an example, weight and correlation function of each influencing factor were calculated, logical relationship of risk factors was combed, and risk level of gas explosion in two specific working faces of investigated mine was obtained. The results show that average gas emission content, coal dust explosion index, mining mechanization level in No.1 working face and the gas concentration in that of No.2 are all at less safe level, and comprehensive risk level of them are at general safety level and safety level, respectively.
    Effect of track error on safety risk assessment of UAV ground impact
    HAN Peng, ZHANG Bingyu
    2021, 31(2):  106-111.  doi:10.16265/j.cnki.issn 1003-3033.2021.02.015
    Asbtract ( 131 )   PDF (1851KB) ( 188 )  
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    In order to improve accuracy and credibility of UAV safety risk evaluation, uncertainties of instant UAV position and altitude at the moment of accident caused by track error and its influence on impact point and speed were considered in risk assessment of ground impact. Distribution rules of horizontal position error and height error were analyzed, and location and height of UAV failure moment were determined. Then,a prediction model of impact point was established and impact velocity was calculated. Finally, with UAV of M210-RTK type selected as research object, effects of different track errors on impact time, position of impact point and impact kinetic energy were obtained. The results show that distribution of impact points, under influence of track error, still obeys normal distribution. With increase of flight altitude, track error's influence on ground impact position decreases gradually while that of altitude error on ground impact kinetic energy increases first and then decreases.
    Study on node importance and failure recovery of regional rail transit system
    JU Yanni, LI Zongping, CHEN Yufan, YAN Huawei, CAO Liwen, LIU Can
    2021, 31(2):  112-119.  doi:10.16265/j.cnki.issn 1003-3033.2021.02.016
    Asbtract ( 125 )   PDF (2063KB) ( 157 )  
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    In order to improve reliability under normal operation and resilience under failures of RRTS, topological characteristics of regional rail transit network(RRTN) were analyzed and a quantitative evaluation model for resilience of topological structure was proposed to achieve system resilience evaluation under failures. A structure evaluation method based on system resilience was proposed, and key nodes were identified based on the node importance evaluation. The resilience loss triangle was applied to find system's optimal recovery strategy under various failures. The results show that RRTN has characteristics of typical scale-free networks under Space L model. The system resilience analysis combined with Copeland scoring method improves accuracy of node importance evaluation. Optimal fault recovery strategy seeks the maximum value of system resilience under different recovery strategies from global perspective and optimizes structural resilience and recovery capabilities of RRTS.
    Study on influence of water curtain smoke exhaust system on smoke control and exhaust efficiency
    TAO Liangliang, WANG Haoran, LIU Zhenhan, ZHOU Xiaohan, ZENG Yanhua
    2021, 31(2):  120-126.  doi:10.16265/j.cnki.issn 1003-3033.2021.02.017
    Asbtract ( 107 )   PDF (3420KB) ( 120 )  
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    In order to explore influence of water curtain smoke exhaust system on smoke control and exhaust efficiency in tunnels, smoke spread, temperature and velocity distribution were studied for different smoke exhaust volume by utilizing fire dynamics solver (FDS). The results show that water curtain can't effectively block spread of toxic smoke when the exhaust volume is less than 100 m3/s. And in cases of 10, 20 and 30 MW for heat release rate and 100, 160 and 180 m3/s respectively for smoke exhaust volume, smoke can be contained the water curtain system. With help of water curtain, temperature distribution outside it can meet needs of people to escape (less than 80 ℃), and smoke control is more important than temperature control in the system. While at the same fire source heat release rate(HRR), smoke exhaust efficiency of vents increases first and then decreases along with smoke volume. Moreover, suction effect of vents is difficult to form, and the main reason for low smoke exhaust efficiency is that smoke inhaled by vents at bottom of tunnels is mixed with a lot of fresh air.
    Rapid risk assessment method for chemical industry park earthquake Na-Tech event
    LIU Dashan, CHEN Xiaochun, DUO Yingquan, SHI Lichen
    2021, 31(2):  127-134.  doi:10.16265/j.cnki.issn 1003-3033.2021.02.018
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    In order to effectively evaluate coupling risk of earthquake disaster and industrial accidents in chemical industry park, based on analysis of characteristics of earthquake disasters in chemical industry parks, main disaster-bearing body types were clarified in chemical industry park and main influencing factors such as fire, explosion, and poisoning were identified that caused by earthquake damage to a disaster-bearing body unit using AHP, a rapid risk assessment method for Na-Tech event that comprehensively considers coupling effect of earthquake disasters and industrial accidents was proposed. This method takes chemical industry park enterprises as evaluation unit, risk level of enterprise Na-tech event was delimited according to evaluation results, and this method was applied to risk assessment of an enterprise in a chemical industry park. The results show that this method is feasible, the amount of data required for calculation is small, and it can effectively reflect risk characteristics of earthquake Na-tech events.
    Seismic resilience assessment and optimization of urban water distribution network
    HAN Lin, ZHAO Xudong, CHEN Zhilong, GONG Huadong
    2021, 31(2):  135-142.  doi:10.16265/j.cnki.issn 1003-3033.2021.02.019
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    In order to improve capabilities of urban water distribution network to cope with earthquake disasters, based on PRF method and considering urban water supply network's physical state and delivery capacities, a network equilibrium theory was proposed and a PRF designed before a seismic resilience assessment methodology of the network was established for evaluation in both structural and functional dimensions. Secondly, from perspectives of four key features of resilience: damage probability, damage consequence, recovery speed and recovery degree, optimization strategies, including network meshed expansion, pipeline ductile retrofitting, increasing recovery budget and recovery resource, were proposed and discussed. Finally, case studies were conducted on a water distribution network in East China to quantitatively assess resilience enhancement effects of different strategies, and optimal allocation methods of recovery resource r and recovery budget b under different decision scenarios were put forward. The results show that pipeline ductile retrofitting is an effective way to significantly enhance seismic resilience of water distribution network, and meshed expansion can improve network's performance but has no significant effect on its resilience. Recovery resources and recovery budget should be increased after meshed expansion.
    Comprehensive risk assessment method for resuming classes in universities during COVID-19 epidemic
    WANG Tienan, ZHAI Yue, WANG Kang, ZHAO Ruifeng, HAN Shupeng
    2021, 31(2):  143-148.  doi:10.16265/j.cnki.issn 1003-3033.2021.02.020
    Asbtract ( 261 )   PDF (1632KB) ( 349 )  
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    In order to assess comprehensive risk of resuming classes in universities and assist them in making decisions during outbreak of COVID-19 epidemic, a risk assessment method for resuming classes in universities was explored. Firstly, PSR model was introduced to analyze interaction mechanism between each element, and a comprehensive risk assessment index system for class resumption during the epidemic was established. Then, hazard factors and vulnerability of affected body were used to measure comprehensive risk of the epidemic, and an evaluation method for such activities in universities was proposed. Finally, with a university in Xi'an as an example, feasibility and effectiveness of the risk assessment model was verified. The results show that this model can accurately assess comprehensive risk of resuming classes in universities when faced with the virus. Moreover, risk level of school location, personnel control measures, status of school emergency drills and evaluation are main influencing factors of P, S, and R systems respectively, which should be paid attention to.
    Technology and engineering of disaster prevention and mitigation
    Research on 3D mine shaft model construction and dynamic simulation of water inrush disaster avoiding
    ZHU Quanjie, ZHANG Zhen, CAO Lei, ZHANG Erhui, YANG Xinguang
    2021, 31(2):  149-157.  doi:10.16265/j.cnki.issn 1003-3033.2021.02.021
    Asbtract ( 140 )   PDF (2575KB) ( 246 )  
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    In order to simulate the spreading process of water inrush and accurately plan out the optimal disaster avoidance path for personnel, a 3D mine tunnel model was quickly generated by Python and Blender, and a simulation platform of water inrush spreading based on spatio-temporal dynamics was established. Then, after considering influence of different factors on roadway traffic conditions, a optimal disaster avoidance paths search method which supports one source node to multi-target nodes was build. Finally, a personnel escape demonstration model was established by using Blender timeline function. Taking a mine in Shandong as engineering background, a simulation study of mine water inrush and optimal route for disaster avoidance of people was conducted. The results show that mine water inrush emergency and disaster avoidance simulation platform which joint-developed by Python and blender are able to realize rapid construction of mine roadway system geometric model, simulate water flow spreading process in different water inrush states, it can plan out the first N best disaster avoidance paths for disaster affected people automatically, and adjust the best path according to water flow spreading range in time.
    Emergency technology and management
    Super-network model of emergency resource scheduling considering multi-agent psychological effect
    SONG Yinghua, BAI Mingxuan, MA Yaping, HUO Feizhou
    2021, 31(2):  158-166.  doi:10.16265/j.cnki.issn 1003-3033.2021.02.022
    Asbtract ( 141 )   PDF (1639KB) ( 252 )  
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    In order to study impact of different personnel's psychological effects on emergency resource scheduling process, super-network tool was used to quantitatively describe interaction between different attributes of emergency network under coordinated operation of differentiated emergency agents. Meanwhile, in view of contradiction between supply and demand in actual scheduling process, behavioral science theory was introduced to quantify regrets of decision makers and disappointment of victims, and was integrated into optimal scheduling of emergency resources. Finally, a super-network model for scheduling was established with scheduling time, emergency cost and rescue utility as objective functions, and the model was transformed into an equivalent form of variational inequality before it was solved by utilizing modified projection algorithm. The results show that the model can effectively solve problems in emergency resource coordination and scheduling under psychological effects of multiple agents. Correlation degree of emergency subject, disaster risk degree, regret psychology and regret avoidance behavior of decision-makers as well as disappoint psychology and disappointment avoidance behavior of victims all have important influence on formulation of emergency resource scheduling scheme.
    Experiment on donning time of inflatable aviation life preservers
    LU Jiehuan, YANG Aihui, YANG Ruiliang, WU Zijiang
    2021, 31(2):  167-172.  doi:10.16265/j.cnki.issn 1003-3033.2021.02.023
    Asbtract ( 103 )   PDF (1834KB) ( 134 )  
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    In order to study donning performance of inflatable aviation life preservers, a donning test was carried out. Firstly, an experiment platform of aviation seat was built, 113 college students and 42 adult villagers were chosen as subject, and standard life preservers used by major domestic airlines were selected as donning subject. Then, experiment results were analyzed to see whether they satisfy requirements set in standard for Inflatable Life Preservers for Aviation (GB/T 36508-2018), and T test was adopted to analyze whether different genders, ages and demonstration levels have a significant influence on donning time. The results show that donning time obtained from test cannot meet requirements of national standards, and gender and ages don't have while demonstration levels have significant impact on it. And there is a big gap between results of this paper and GB/T 36508-2018 on donning time requirements, subject and demonstration level. Thus, more researchers are encouraged to study these three aspects of GB /T 36508-2018 through more detailed and in-depth experiments.
    Occupational health
    Research on influence of controlled sorties on controllers' fatigue based on EEG data
    WANG Lili, ZHU Min
    2021, 31(2):  173-178.  doi:10.16265/j.cnki.issn 1003-3033.2021.02.024
    Asbtract ( 134 )   PDF (2222KB) ( 148 )  
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    In order to quantify impact of changes in flight number at different work stages in control area on fatigue of controllers, a test was designed and conducted. Firstly, 20 in-service controllers were selected to conduct experiments before and after large and small night shifts. Their EEG signals were collected during tasks of radar simulator at different flow levels before fatigue indicators value were extracted and analyzed by using SPSS20.0. Then, controllers were divided into two groups for comparison, and fatigue index value before and after shift was linearly fitted. The results show that fatigue index value and volatility of these controllers with job age≥10 years are significantly lower than those with that <10 years. That value of pre-shift controllers shows a downward trend in middle and later periods as number of control flights increases while that of post-shift controllers increases logarithmically along with increase of control frequency, and changes over time with a cubic curve.
    Study on influence of different noise intensity on operation error rate of mine workers
    LI Jing, WANG Zhen, QIN Yaru, WANG Zhen, LUO Jianghao
    2021, 31(2):  179-184.  doi:10.16265/j.cnki.issn 1003-3033.2021.02.025
    Asbtract ( 153 )   PDF (1577KB) ( 264 )  
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    In order to explore influence of noise intensity on operation error rate of mine workers, relationship between noise and the error rate was studied by means of laboratory simulation test and field investigation. By using results of the test and investigation, quantitative regression prediction models of noise operation error rate and noise- "three violations" were established. Then relationship between operation error rate, number of "three violations" and noise level was quantitatively analyzed. The results show that number of "three violations" and error rate of laboratory simulation personnel are positively correlated with environmental noise, and they will be on the rise along with increase of noise intensity. Moreover, error rate would change significantly as it exceeds 75 dB. Therefore, from a perspective of accident prevention, noise safety threshold is set at 75 dB to reduce operation error rate and achieve purpose of accident prevention.