China Safety Science Journal ›› 2022, Vol. 32 ›› Issue (8): 161-167.doi: 10.16265/j.cnki.issn1003-3033.2022.08.1148

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Evaluation of station importance and cascading failure resistance analysis of urban rail transit network

YANG Jingfeng(), ZHU Dapeng, ZHAO Ruilin   

  1. School of Traffic and Transportation, Lanzhou Jiaotong University, Lanzhou Gansu 730070, China
  • Received:2022-02-12 Revised:2022-05-29 Online:2022-09-05 Published:2023-02-28


In order to ensure stability of URTN in the event of emergencies, its topology and invulnerability were studied based on theory of complex networks. Firstly, topological structure model of URTN in three major cities of Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen were constructed by using Space L method, and their topological characteristics were compared and analyzed. Secondly, comprehensive evaluation indexes of importance were developed considering station degree centrality and betweenness centrality so as identify key stations of URTN. Finally, a cascade failure model was established, simulation algorithm was designed, and cascade failure resistance of URTN under different attack strategies were quantitatively analyzed. The results show that regardless of whether there is cascade failure, URTN is more resilient to random attacks than deliberate attacks, while for the URTN which considers stations load redistribution in the case of cascading failure is more vulnerable. The cascading failure due to key station failures has a wider range of influence on the network, and the overall damage it causes is greater.

Key words: urban rail transit network(URTN), complex network, cascading failure, invulnerability, node importance